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I am a graduate student intern from the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at UW
Oshkosh. I plan to graduate in May of 2020. I utilize person-centered, cognitive-behavioral,
relational-cultural, and family systems theories.
I strive to create a place of authenticity and compassion with clients. I believe that the greatest
potential for growth is found within the context of relationships. When we are genuinely
accepted and valued just as we are, we flourish. Relationships also provide the encouragement
and accountability we need to continue on a path of positive change.
Often a major cause of our struggles is unresolved emotions. Our feelings can be so painful and
overwhelming that it can seem easier to distract ourselves somehow. This will only extend our
difficulties and create problems in our everyday functioning. I believe that the remedy for our
pain is in the pain. Healing does not happen until we begin to acknowledge and process our
difficult emotions. I look forward to the privilege of helping you work through the healing
process—to help you carry your burden and remind you that you are not alone.

Gretchen Dominowski