Christine Skoog


Blue Lotus, LLC

I work with clients by creating a therapeutic atmosphere based on genuine compassion, empathy, and meeting the person where they are at, with unconditional positive regard. I believe every individual has the capacity to reduce the level of incongruence between ideal and actual self. 


The root of almost every issue that a client brings into the office is a negative cognition they have formed about themselves. It is that negative cognition that creates shame and keeps a person from moving forward. I work with clients to reprocess those negative cognitions in order to release the shame and live their authentic life. With the intent of helping clients of all ages move toward self-healing, personal growth and self-actualization, I use the following treatment modalities: EMDR, trauma model therapy, DBT, CBT, ego states therapy and play/art and sand tray therapy. I work with children as well as adults.  


  • Licensed Professional Counseling

  • Mental Health & Substance Use

  • Trauma-Informed Care

  • Consulting & Training

303 Watson Street, Suite D. Ripon WI 54971

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

 or by appointment.

Please note that each therapist does their own scheduling; some hours vary.


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